Conversely, other immigrants nevertheless had unresolved disputes such as for instance their homesickness and unmet requirements.

Some indicated regret in coming to Korea unprepared. They wanted to return home to your Philippines when kids be more financially stable and separate. They concerned about their work, health and funds, kids’ training and their professions. They felt homesick as well as times considered returning to the Philippines. They reminisced and compared their old comfortable life with their present lives as immigrant wives, which made them “feel straight down.”

Because the Filipinas went regarding the air air plane to Korea, they left their convenience areas when you look at the Philippines also. Each time they encountered hardships inside their everyday lives, they might perhaps not avoid by themselves from experiencing homesick and attempting to travel back once again to the Philippines. “I would definitely go back home to the Philippines and stay there for good if I had enough money. (more…)