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This guest write-up is from GoSchoolWise, a new website providing free gear to help along with college ready.

Is this college a good accommodate for my child? Do we have a healthy college number? How much will probably college expense us?

In case these are the main questions you happen to be asking yourself, there is good news. A brainy computer called IBM Watson (the laptop or computer that overcome humans around Jeopardy) will be helping answer these issues for a huge number of parents the 2010 season at GoSchoolWise. com.

GoSchoolWise. com provides 3 equipment that use sophisticated algorithms that can help answer the exact questions which you were wondering. The great thing is all these equipment are free intended for high school students and the parents.

College Attitude Fit Program: The device has tested over nine hundred US colleges and identified personality traits for students for those universities.

Example: Most of the personality traits involving Georgia Tech students are actually: Unselfish, Go with the flow, Thoughtful, and so on Some behavior for students for Columbia College or university are: 3rd party, Change-Agent, Guide etc .

Often the tool can certainly analyze your son or daughter’s essay and also Tweets to formulate her/his nature and distinguishes their persona fit with just about every school in your schools number. In addition to grounds visits the following tool can give you that unique opinion how nicely your child could fit in at a particular college. (more…)