Timeline JS – as a result of a unforeseen mistake in Bing’s spreadsheet access solution on 29 April 2019, many timelines stopped working. Only at that time, we believe the difficulties are solved.

Easy-to-make, breathtaking timelines.

TimelineJS is definitely an open-source tool that allows one to build aesthetically rich, interactive timelines. Newbies can make a timeline making use of absolutely nothing more compared to a Google spreadsheet, just like the one we utilized for the Timeline above. Specialists may use their JSON skills generate customized installments, while maintaining TimelineJS’s core functionality.

Recommendations & tricks

  1. Keep it brief. We suggest devoid of a lot more than 20 slides for the reader to click right through.
  2. Choose tales which have a stronger chronological narrative. It will not work nicely for tales that require to leap around within the schedule.
  3. Write each occasion as being a right element of a more substantial narrative.
  4. Consist of activities that build as much as major occurrences — not only the events that are major. (more…)