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Book Review: Simple Tips To Date A White Woman: A Practical Guide For Asian Guys

Just like the other publications within the Offensive guidance For Dating Outside Your battle show (Japanese fitness singles Females: they are going to Do everything you state, Indian guys: Smart But i suppose they will have Tiny Penises, Ebony Chicks: Centuries of Systemic Oppression Have Made Them a Cranky that is little up to now a White Woman is advertised as “your one-stop shop” for informative data on dating a certain cultural subset of mankind (in this instance, White Women), but i discovered it sorely with a lack of helpful information.

I figured I’d be able to derive at least one or two good tips on dating white women from this book, but this is certainly not the case although I am white. Not merely is this written book Asian-Man-Centric, but inaddition it does not have level. I came across a majority of their advice become blatantly apparent (or outright false): “White ladies can’t stand spiders”, “White ladies sometimes have a problem starting jars”, “White ladies who are not prostitutes get offended whenever you attempt to spend them for sex”, record continues on as well as on.

As an individual who recently dated a white girl, i could effortlessly appear with better recommendations compared to the people in this guide from the top of my mind. Therefore simply continue reading if you wish to be let in on all of the women that are white secrets.


This was one of the greatest hurdles I experienced to clear when dating a white girl. (more…)