Next Steps for Admitted Students. April is just a month that is busy an admission counselor but it’s a different sort of busy than recruiting on the road or reading applications. At USC, our company is fulfilling and greeting admitted first-year students and their families at 15 different on-campus events, as well as dozens of off-campus receptions in cities round the U.S. and abroad! On top of that, we’re all anxiously checking to see which students decided to commit to sign up at USC. The ball really is in your court now.

When deciding which college to attend for the next four years, it really is so valuable to visit the educational college you are considering, if possible. I remember visiting lots of schools throughout the springtime of my senior year and trying to imagine myself as a pupil on each campus. Just What would we eat at the dining hall? Where would my classes be located? Whom would my classmates, roommates, and friends be? for me personally, it finally clicked when I found a campus that i really could truly see myself doing all of the things and more and nevertheless be myself. I encourage all of our admitted students to take benefit of our admitted student programs throughout this next month to try to envision exactly what your USC experience might be like.


Even although the National Candidate Reply Date is not until May 1, we have pupils asking, ‘Where do we sign the dotted line to attend USC?’ If (and hopefully when) you choose to come to U (more…)

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Top 5 Things Admission Counselors Do On The Road

During the fall of each school year, I travel…a lot. I wake up early, catch flights across the national country, and search the Hertz parking lot for rental cars with back-up cameras. During this time, we’m rarely at my desk, we’m meeting a great deal of awesome students, and learning about the cool and exciting things pupils are doing. But when I’m not on an airplane or at the car that is rental, right here’s just what I’m probably doing…

  1. Interviews and Receptions and High School visits

Check your high school’s hallways for our visit posters. You should see our poster outside your counseling office if we are coming to your school over the next couple of weeks. We are going to additionally be Discover that is doing USC on campus and through the entire United States and abroad.

  1. Hoarding Pens

If there is certainly something you should bring with you a school that is high, it’s a pen. We shall provide you with one thing to write on, but we do not give you one thing to compose with. We give some pretty useful information at these visits, so it is generally useful to jot down a few notes. Last week I visited schools in southern Virginia. I started the week with about ten extra pens and ended with two.

  1. Answering questions

We spend a lot of time questions that are answering we travel (and really throughout the year.) But, when we are on the road, this is our central mission. We make an effort to answer all of the qu (more…)

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A in the Life: Visiting High Schools day

Hello world! As a member that is new of weblog team, I am so excited to share with you numerous of my day-to-day experiences as an Assistant Director of Admission at USC. When I speak to my friends and family about my job, they often times ask questions like ‘what do you are doing on a daily foundation?’ or ‘do you have to work in the summer?’ i am hoping that through my additions that are monthly this weblog, you’ll get an improved notion of what we do each day as admission counselors.

So allow’s begin with the present. This i woke up at the Courtyard Marriott in Vienna, VA morning. My visit that is first began 7:45 am. That may appear early with a, reasonable to others, but we can inform you, this at 7:45 am, I was exhausted (7:45 am in VA feels like 3:45 am in CA…oy. early morning) The thing is, my flight from Los Angeles was supposed to arrive at Reagan National Airport at 3:43 pm yesterday (to be precise.) But instead, due to a wet cockpit seat (I kid you not,) my flight was delayed three hours. Luckily, my very first school visit this morning constantly has coffee waiting I was especially appreciative today (Thanks Sheila! for me, and) I visit, at this school it’s a different format which consists mostly of me answering questions although I usually give about a 30 minute presentation to students when. Thankfully the students came prepared. They asked great questions and I also think we only stuttered a times that are (more…)