You may drive to your camping spot, but don’t want to make use of your automobile as transportaion in the playa for the duration of your stay.

Getting To Burning Guy

A: This is usually a safety that is serious and you will be strictly enforced. No driving shall be permitted without having a Burning Man DMV license.

A: You can, and you should keep your car at your campsite. Don’t use it for transportation around our city — this might be one of several conditions for camping right right right here. Ebony Rock City is completely available by bike or by walking. Your use of our town suggests an awareness with this guideline. You may have to keep in the event that you violate this policy. The single exception for this is certainly art vehicles. You will have to register with all the Ebony Rock City DMV (Department of Mutant automobiles) if you wish to push your art vehicle through the occasion.

A. The nearest commercial airport with scheduled service is Reno Global, 127 kilometers away. Numerous individuals also fly through the Bay region (bay area, Oakland and San Jose are about 350 kilometers through the occasion). Remember that you will end up traveling on work Day week-end, and routes fill quickly and therefore are usually costly. General aviation aircraft may secure in the playa during the Black that is temporary Rock Airport which will be adjacent to the big event. Tiny aircraft intending to land at Ebony Rock City must contact the Airport Manager at well ahead of time.

A. You will be in charge of getting you to ultimately the big event. Presently, Burning guy provides no solution between Reno and Gerlach. (more…)