IN HONOR OF FUNERAL BULLETIN DAY allow me to share the guidelines and steps pertaining to applying to one of many five United states of america military academies (Army, Feaf, Navy, Coastline Guard, in addition to Merchant Marines). For those who have a college-bound teen which interested in one of these brilliant academies it could IMPERATIVE that they start early on with their preparations.


Being at one among our state’s military academies is a very cut-throat process and if be attempted well in advance from the senior year. There are 5 military academies that the Unit of Safety maintains in the preparation associated with officers in the Air Force, Navy, Coast Secure, Navy, together with Merchant Submarine. You must get an application right from each intermediate school. Your chances of appearing accepted to some service grammar school are elevated if you put on more than one just in case you be present at the summer workout at the schools of your choice in the winter between your frosh and final years.

Program Process

The application form process begins in the spring and coil of your junior year. It is best to call as well as write with each academy whole April and ask for a Pre-Candidate Questionnaire. Typically the brief pre-application is easily accomplished and made a comeback the same morning you get it again in the snail mail. You must comprehensive this form so that you can receive a formalised application. The standard Candidate Approval consists of many components, such as application, your physical characteristics test, a good personality analyze, a personal affirmation, recommendations plus various produced materials. (more…)