Cannot immigrants get citizenship through wedding? For undocumented, it is tough chances

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AUSTIN — The removal through the nation of Alejandra Juarez — the spouse of the aquatic veteran — a week ago prompted many visitors to ask, why didn’t Juarez, who had been undocumented, become a citizen?

“… I must ask, if her spouse ended up being a naturalized US Citizen, she could have gotten a green card by wedding, why did she maybe maybe perhaps not get it done in twenty years? ” Susana Hite asked in a tweet.

I’m in opposition to household separations, but i have to ask, if her spouse had been a naturalized US Citizen, she may have gotten a card that is green marriage, why did she perhaps perhaps not take action in twenty years?

Chelsea Nowel, a Tampa, Florida immigration lawyer whom represented Juarez, stated the puzzlement does surprise her n’t.

“I’ve needed to spell out it to my very own relatives and buddies. It’s a commonly misinterpreted process, ” Nowel stated.

Generally speaking, wedding is a path to eligibility for legal residency — getting a green card — after which, citizenship if the couple satisfies immigration officials that the wedding is certainly not a sham to have status that is legal. (more…)

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