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St. Edward’s University


Title IX Resources

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While you have the Title IX process, understand that this experience may cause stress. Here are resources to guide you through the procedure. Please keep in mind it’s not just you.

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Student Resources

A Letter to Reporting Parties: uncover what takes its Title IX offense, how exactly to report, and what a party that is reporting expect through the procedure, also self-care choices and resources.

A Letter to Responding Parties: find out more about the university’s dedication to a safe community, exactly what takes its Title IX offense, just what a responding party can get through the process, and help by means of typical responses along with support to find help.

Title IX Case treatments: Title IX instances involving pupils are managed by an experienced expert staff for the college. They act as hearing officers, detectives, and advocates. Here’s the process.

Title IX and Campus SaVE Policies: understand Title IX and Campus SaVE, along with danger decrease recommendations, bystander intervention, legal definitions, and options that are reporting.

Title IX scholar Advocate Ideas: find out more about just how an advocate can provide both responding and parties that are reporting. (more…)