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Rectal intercourse as well as the threat of HIV transmission

Key points

  • The estimated risk of infection is zero for unprotected anal intercourse with an HIV-positive partner with a fully suppressed viral load.
  • If HIV isn’t completely suppressed by effective therapy, anal sex without condoms is a high-risk path of intimate HIV transmission for the insertive and receptive partner.
  • Intimately sent infections while the HIV-positive partner being recently contaminated boost the threat of transmission.

In the event that HIV-positive partner is using antiretroviral therapy and has now a completely suppressed viral load (‘undetectable’), the possibility of HIV transmission through anal sex is zero.

The PARTNER-2 research implemented 783 male partners when the HIV-positive partner had an invisible viral load with no condoms had been utilized in rectal intercourse. After 1596 couple-years of follow-up and 77,000 functions of unprotected anal sex, no HIV transmission from HIV-positive lovers occurred and also the scientists determined that the possibility of HIV transmission within these circumstances ended up being effortlessly zero (Rodger).

If viral load is detectable, condomless intercourse that is anal a very efficient means of transmitting HIV, which is considered a high-risk task both for lovers, even though the precise level of danger can rely on numerous facets.

The risk of infection has been estimated at 1.38% (one in 72 chance) and 0.11% (one in 909 chance) for the receptive and insertive partners respectively for each condomless act with an untreated HIV-positive partner.

But, it might be 10 to 25 times greater in the event that positive partner is recently contaminated. Research reports have identified other factors that further raise the threat of transmission.

Dangers to insertive and receptive lovers

There was a belief that is widespread homosexual males that the insertive partner (‘top’) has reached really low danger of HIV illness. (more…)