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Sample Green that is marriage-Based Card Issues

Listed here is a listing of the kinds of concerns you could be expected at your green card wedding meeting. Test yourself!

Preparing for a marriage-based green card meeting? The listed here are sample questions to assist you prepare.

Keep in mind, there isn’t any guarantee that the interviewer will ask you all or some of these relevant questions(though most of them are drawn from real interviews). However these should enable you to get as well as your fiance or spouse started in the means of testing each other’s memory.

If it is a typical modification of status or visa meeting, you could expect only some concerns.

In the event that immigration authorities have grown to be dubious, nevertheless, believing that your particular wedding might be a fraudulence to obtain a green card, you may expect a lot of the questions, or concerns you and your U.S. Petitioner like them, to be asked of. In reality, they might split both of you and do what is called a “Stokes meeting, ” then compare your answers later on.

We have split the feasible questions into thematic groupings. Once again, these do NOT result from any formal list produced by U.S. Immigration authorities.

Development of Your Relationship

  • Where did you satisfy?
  • Just What did both of you have as a common factor?
  • Where do you decide on times?
  • Whenever did your relationship change intimate?
  • Just how long had been it just before chose to get hitched?
  • Who proposed to who?
  • Why did you choose to have long, quick engagement? (more…)

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