Interest-only mortgages explained. What exactly is an interest-only mortgage?

Learn how interest-only mortgages work, lenders presently providing interest-only discounts and whether a mortgage that is interest-only just the right selection for you.

An interest-only home loan is a loan for a house which allows one to repay simply the attention on the borrowing every month, and never the money.

What this means is your monthly premiums don’t repay some of the loan – alternatively, you spend the amount that is full at the conclusion associated with mortgage term in a single swelling amount.

Exactly exactly How interest-only mortgages work. Who provides interest-only mortgages?

The size of your debt stays the same throughout the mortgage term with an interest-only mortgage.

This will be distinctive from a payment home loan, for which you repay both interest and money every month. This enables you to chip away at the debt so because of the finish for the term you have fully paid back the sum that is original. (more…)