Gay Dudes: You’re Douching Wrong. The misperception that is common the homosexual community is the fact that you have to douche before intercourse.

Medical practioners state it might wreck your colon rather.

The health practitioners included that over-the-counter enemas just weren’t designed to be applied for a basis that is regular either. “Fleet brand enemas aren’t great, ” Dr. Goldstein stated. “They result plenty of traumatization. The chemical in there produces discomfort. It brings water in to the motion to help you poop away, however it causes the cells of the anus to obtain irritated. It generates a great deal of mucus and a lot of dryness into the area. ” That dryness can result in cracks and bleeding, which could additionally help you pass some STDs.

Dr. Goldstone points out that douching many times can result in other, lasting dilemmas, too. “If you are carrying it out every time, there is a large number of problems with enemas. You can easily lengthen your colon, and therefore can cause constipation later on in life, ” he stated. Yep, your worst fears are real: the pushing that is constant to expel all that water-logged poop can blow out of the anal sphincters that keep it in, causing irreparable damage that may screw up bowel motions later on. Dr. Goldstone stated outward indications of that harm are not frequently obvious until it is far too late. (more…)

Greenwich Woman Testifies In Norwalk Cop’s Intercourse Assault Trial

The alleged victim, now 20, took the witness stand and told the jury Anthony Santo stuck his hand down her pants and touched her sexually while her father and brother were sleeping next to them on the first day of a trial against a Norwalk police officer accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl.

Santo looked on without feeling due to the fact girl described the event at state Superior Court in Stamford. Santo ended up being an 18-year person in the Norwalk Police Department before October of 2009 as he had been arrested on costs of second-degree intimate attack and threat of problems for a kid. He’s got been on unpaid administrative leave since their arrest.

The alleged victim said Santo had been a good friend associated with the household and invested considerable time at their residence in Greenwich. The girl said she could inform Santo things she could maybe maybe perhaps not discuss along with her “strict moms and dads” and described Santo as her “second daddy. “

The girl ended up being not able to identify the precise date regarding the attack, but said she had been about 13 at that time. The witness stated she was at her pajamas sitting on a settee in her own family area plus the two might have been referring to masturbation or becoming groped by another kid whenever Santo touched her. (more…)