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Cannabis to Take on cancer tumors Cells in New Experiments

U nder the present consensus that is scientific there is absolutely no systematic evidence that cannabis remedies cancer tumors. Alleviating negative negative effects of cancer tumors treatment maybe, yet not curing cancer tumors straight.

Now, loaded with contemporary laboratory facilities and freshly supplied with scarce cannabis medications, the nationwide Cancer Institute (NCI) is remedied to learn from the experiments that are own test that long held conclusion, to either confirm or disprove it.

On August 7, the very first large amount of cannabis medicinal formulas—4,500 5cc containers of THC oil—were delivered because of the national Pharmaceutical Organization towards the Ministry of Public wellness who was simply moving them about the Department of Medical solutions (DMS) and finally into the NCI.

Six hundred bottles of the great deal, with a high concentration for the strong anti-inflammation that is psychoactive component, will at the same time be headed directly to the NCI’s state-of-the-art sophisticated laboratories for cancer R&D.

Attack on Cancer

One hundred for the 600 containers regarding the THC oil were put away for experiments become carried out in test pipes to find out for good whether cannabis can kill cancer tumors cells, diminish them, stop their reproduction, and prevent the development of the tumor that is cancerous.

The cancer tumors research system happens to be made to strike cancer tumors cells squarely within the hope that cannabis can add in certain approaches to an attempt to eliminate those malignant cells.

Ten forms of cancer tumors are targeted, including lung cancer tumors, liver cancer tumors, ovarian cancer tumors, cancer of the breast and pancreatic cancer tumors, frequent among Thais. (more…)