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SeanieMac Completes VIP Upgrade Integration on New Gaming Platform

Irish iGaming operator SeanieMac today published a revision on the progress of improvements it has been applying on its gambling website in the last months that are several. The company said that after the addition of the most present such update, VIP clients would be able to access directly and choose among various payment providers and video gaming promotions.

In order to make slots for real money sure that change would be seamless, SeanieMac additionally tested certain minor upgrades in real time mode.

Commenting in the upgrade that is latest, CEO Shane O’Driscoll said that developing a brand new site includes many key elements and they will stay adding those elements with their new platform into the weeks to come so that you can boost their providing and provide players with unique experience.

Of the best real money slots goals for the rest of the 12 months, the administrator noted they would carry on working hard to attract a wider slots real money no deposit client base and to enhance their VIP strategy. The operator’s CEO expressed self- confidence it will achieve its target for positive income by the end associated with the quarter and income of $50 million by the conclusion of the season.

SeanieMac announced earlier in 2010 it would introduce a new video gaming platform to answer clients’ demands in an even more sufficient way. win real money slots app Stage hands down the platform that is new launched on September 19. Subsequently, the company happens to be performing tests in a live environment to make certain that its offering had been the one that matched players’ concept for enjoyable gambling experience. (more…)