Leg Fetish to Intercourse. Mark and I also worked during the exact same bar in Colorado therefore we wound up being good pals.

Story by southguy on 9 Oct 2009

  • Anal Intercourse
  • Bondage
  • Alpha Male
  • Fetish

He had been extremely homosexual and also at the time we was moderately curios. He previously a large time foot fetish which seemed benign sufficient while he liked massaging my legs and I adored him carrying it out.

We view a game title or a film together while my bare feet would be inside the lap and I also liked the interest. (more…)

Dream Interpretation: employer – exactly what does it suggest to dream of your employer?

So what does it mean to dream of your employer?

Dreaming of an boss that is old usually about yourself contemplating people in power that you know. Or simply you may be emphasizing particular foibles in the office or directions you have got set on your own physically or in the home.

We discover what this means to dream about your employer

Maybe there were some brand new policies set up in your workplace, you have got set your self a target to achieve which is just for you- or you as well as your partner have now been placing plans set up to achieve another milestone in your relationship. (more…)